Fearless Woman: Q&A with Aviva Investors’ Apiramy Jeyarajah

The Head of UK wholesale shares her thoughts on changes needed for a sustainable world and understanding different perspectives

Apiramy Jeyarajah, Head of UK wholesale at Aviva Investors, has shared her thoughts on women in investment, attitudes to risk and a more inclusive environment in this latest article from City Hive’s Fearless Woman campaign.

DiversityQ, ESG Clarity, and What Investment are delighted to support the campaign to celebrate 50 years of women investing in the UK. 

Here’s the full Q&A with Aviva Investors’ Apiramy Jeyarajah.

What or who inspired you to work in investing?

All the inspiring men and women I’ve encountered on the way. Sian Hurrell comes to mind, who was inspirational in her infectious leadership style when I was working at RBS.

What do you think the future looks like for women in investing? What would you like to see?

Equity for all. An inclusive asset management industry that promotes diversity of thought and reflects the clients and society we serve, and where women can contribute on their own terms to unlock their true potential.

What is your attitude to investment risk?

A risk/return profile over the long term. We have a role in ensuring there is a sustainable world for our clients and us, and the future generations, to retire in.  We need to look beyond short-term alpha and engage with the companies we invest in to drive the transition for long-term investment outcomes in a sustainable world.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Mind reading – to empower everyone to find joy and get the most out of everything they do… both inside and outside of work. We only have one life.

Tell us your motto, or if you don’t live by one, why not?

I live by many! Be curious – always seek to understand especially different perspectives from my own.

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