Enterprise Rent-A-Car underlines support for working parents

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the lives of working parents and parents-to-be, so where is there support for them?

As working parents struggle to navigate the pandemic, Enterprise is providing parental leave coaching sessions with Talking Talent to any of its 5,000+ employees in the UK and Ireland.

This is in addition to the company’s enhanced shared parental and adoption leave, including surrogacy, that matches its maternity leave policy.

The partnership with Talking Talent means that Enterprise’s expectant employees now receive specialist coaching support and advice to allow for continued engagement before, during and after leave, creating an environment in which they feel supported and able to thrive at work and home.

Jill Boone, Director, Talent Development, Enterprise, says: “We want working parents to build a very successful career at Enterprise while balancing their parental responsibilities at home as well. Our partnership with Talking Talent helps us do just that.

“Some managers are unsure of what they can and should be doing to support their employees, but with our group coaching sessions, they come away with concrete plans and actions they can take to provide support to soon-to-be parents.

“They can also reassure employees who are on leave of the actions they can take to ensure their careers will continue to flourish.”

Talking Talent provides Enterprise managers and employees with coaching, resources and tips that provide peace of mind for those about to go on parental leave or those transitioning back into the workplace.

Enterprise managers are provided with guidance on supporting expectant employees before they leave, keeping in touch with employees, and gently easing working parents back into the workplace. Employees are given ideas on balancing home and work, planning for short-term and long-term goals, and building sustainable habits throughout the entire process.

The work that Talking Talent has done so far has already enabled Enterprise to engage with its parents more effectively and helped improve its parental policies. The partnership with Talking Talent affirms Enterprise’s commitment to supporting working parents.

One Enterprise employee who attended the Talking Talent coaching sessions said: “It really helps you think about your work life and home life and how you can maintain both without being overloaded. I really enjoyed the session.”

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