Deloitte seeks untapped tech talent amongst return to work employees

Deloitte launches new digital skills retraining programme for tech talent who return to work following a career break

Deloitte is searching for untapped tech talent to take part in its new digital skills retraining programme for people returning to work after a career break.

Return to work programme

Building on the success of its award-winning return to work programme, and in response to a growing demand for coding skills, Deloitte is launching a pilot return to work retraining programme, where returners will learn valuable coding and software development skills. As with the firm’s return to work programme, while the retraining programme is primarily aimed at women, it is open to all.

The retraining programme comprises a 12-month Software Developer Apprenticeship, beginning with a three month upfront training course with Makers Academy in London, with successful participants joining Deloitte in permanent roles and qualifying for a Software Developer Level Four Apprenticeship.

No experience necessary

The programme is designed specifically for returners without any previous software experience, who are looking to learn new technology skills – including key coding and software developer topics such as databases, coding languages, deployment processes and tools – following a career break of two or more years. The course offers participants the opportunity to retrain, whilst receiving a salary.

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Emma Codd, managing partner for talent at Deloitte, said: “This retraining programme is a new and exciting way of bringing talented individuals back to work and filling the growing skills shortage in software development. We want to provide the opportunity for people who have had time away from work, whether for family or any other reasons, to learn new, in-demand skills.

“Across the technology industry, women are vastly underrepresented, meaning businesses, and the economy as a whole, are missing out on a hugely valuable pool of potential talent.  I believe this programme, which is primarily aimed at women but open to all, will create new opportunities and support our commitment to improving the diversity of our workforce. We’re looking for people from a range of backgrounds and with different experiences.”

Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO at Makers Academy, said: “From our experiences of training top tech talent, we know that it is never too late to learn to code and consider a career switch. Diversity cannot be an afterthought in the digital economy, especially for companies who wish to remain globally competitive. We need more diverse talent training as software developers and we are excited to be partnering with Deloitte to make this happen.”

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