Coding course looks to improve diversity and inclusion in tech

With more people now working from home, new partnership aims to improve accessibility to anyone with a passion for coding.

The Institute of Coding (IoC) has partnered with web developer Rifke Sadleir to host the IoCoding Club, making coding accessible from home.

Set up with the aim of encouraging diversity and inclusion within digital and tech spaces, the initiative will include video tutorials and how-tos, drawing on Sadleir’s expertise in her field. The accessibility of this course is key in improving diversity in tech, as it doesn’t discriminate or exclude anyone based on their background. Instead, it provides an easy-to-access route for people to develop and learn new digital skills.

The club’s tutorials will be available for anyone with a passion for coding and are suitable for all levels. Hosted on 15th – 17th April, the club will show the process behind creating and launching personalised face filters on Instagram and how to code for the web.

Rifke Sadleir, web developer and co-host of the course said: “I’m really excited to share and teach coding skills to young people across the country. I believe that anyone can be a coder, especially if you’re into problem-solving.

“I think it’s time we show people that digital skills are not out of reach. The IoCoding Club tutorials are open to all, from beginners to experts, so I really hope this encourages people from all backgrounds to get involved.”  

The digital industry

As part of their wider CTRL Your Future campaign, the IoC has also launched 404 Not Found – a new Instagram TV series that explores three key issues within the digital industry:

  • Episode one: How Do We Address Bias In AI?
  • Episode two: Is Gaming Accessible?
  • Episode three: How Can Digital Tech Make Fashion More Sustainable?

The three-part content series features innovative collaborators from the AI, digital fashion and gaming fields, who each share their experiences of working to reboot the digital sector.

The series has many contributors, including; Stacey Rebecca, a Twitch streamer who also refers to herself as a “fibro warrior” and champions accessibility for all in the gaming industry; Charlene Prempeh, founder of A Vibe Called Tech which explores the intersection of technology, race and creative expression; and Karinna Nobbs, who is behind A Hot Second, the world’s first digital fashion, circular economy concept, which trades physical goods for virtual experiences.

To be a part of the IoCoding Club, visit or @instituteofcoding on Instagram, and to watch the full 404 Not Found content series visit @instituteofcoding on IGTV.
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