CBI launches London Tech Guarantee to help young Londoners

New CBI guarantee provides a stepping stone for young Londoners facing hardship to get into the tech industry.

The CBI wants to forge a new “London Tech Guarantee”, offering a partnership between business, government, local colleges and universities to widen the provision of tech to young Londoners facing hardship.

The London Tech Guarantee, which was launched at an event with London Mayor Sadiq Khan on July 16, 2020, has received significant pledges of support from many of its members, said the CBI.

Supporting and widening opportunities for young people in the capital has become a priority for the CBI, which recognises that tackling digital exclusion is essential for London’s businesses and communities. The aim is to ensure that all young Londoners have equal access to education, training, jobs and skills.

The CBI also acknowledges that digital literacy and access to online tools and platforms can be essential in gaining the skills and experiences the next generation need. The ambition is to make sure that no one is left behind simply because of their background or circumstances.

The call from the CBI to both City Hall and public or private sector partners is to agree to collaborate on how digital inclusion across the city can be improved to allow everyone to participate in London’s economy.

Digital inclusion is also a key priority for the Mayor, with the GLA developing proposals for the city’s recovery from COVID-19. With this in mind, the time for partnership is now, and the CBI will work to ensure London’s business community is actively engaged on this agenda, to drive change for those who most need it.

Commenting on the proposal, CBI Director-General Dame Carolyn Fairbairn said: “With a ‘London Tech Guarantee’ – a partnership between business, government, and universities and local colleges – we can ensure every young Londoner has equal access to education and training. This will help to lessen the effects of digital exclusion across our capital. CBI members are firmly behind this agenda and stand ready to help make it a success.

“It’s a small step on our longer journey towards an inclusive recovery, but it’s one that could transform thousands of lives for the better.”

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