Aubrey Blanche joins Culture Amp as Global Head of Equitable Design & Impact

Diversity, equity, and inclusion veteran joins Culture Amp to drive it’s visionary approach to equality in the workplace.

Culture Amp,​ the leading people and culture platform, has today appointed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) veteran Aubrey Blanche as the Global Head of Equitable Design & Impact.

Blanche, who brings more than six years of experience spanning Palantir Technologies to Atlassian to her position will join Culture Amp’s established DEI team.


Blanche will work closely with company leadership and Equitable Design & Impact Lead Steven Huang, to identify how Culture Amp can create a more inclusive experience for all of its employees, and for those of its global customer base of more than 2,600 companies.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have gained momentum across nearly every industry as a corporate and cultural imperative. Culture Amp has been leading this conversation for businesses for almost a decade, and with the addition of Blanche, is doubling down on its industry-leading DEI efforts.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is cementing its commitment to DEI by hiring Blanche into a new permanent role. Previously, DEI leadership was a rotational responsibility, alternating between Culture Amp employees on an annual basis. Creating the new global leadership role that has DEI oversight over all internal practices and actively liaises with external customers is in line with Culture Amp’s belief that DEI initiatives must be embedded in the organisation and owned by all employees.

“We are incredibly excited to have Aubrey joining Culture Amp,” ​said Didier Elzinga, CEO and co-founder of Culture Amp. “Aubrey will not only help Culture Amp continue to hold itself accountable for growing and learning in the field of DEI – but will help Culture Amp contribute not only to the broader DEI dialogue but provide direct, and effective, tools and data to our customers and our community as a whole.”

Global reac

Blanche, based in San Francisco, joins Culture Amp after spending the last five years as the Global Head of Diversity & Belonging at Australian collaboration giant Atlassian, where she founded and scaled their Diversity & Belonging practice.

During Blanche’s tenure, as Atlassian scaled internationally, it became a global leader in innovative approaches to diversity and inclusion. Blanche’s work at Atlassian directly improved the representation and experience of women, underrepresented people of colour, employees over 40, and drove the formalisation of the company’s accessibility programme.

At Culture Amp, Blanche plans to identify barriers related to equity and belonging, and educate senior leadership and managers on how to best support each team member in reaching their potential, as well as design and implement scalable, sustainable infrastructure for employee groups to build community.

Visonary opportunties

“​I was born into circumstances that made the opportunities I’ve been given an anomaly. I can’t think of a better thing to do with those opportunities than making sure that people–regardless of their background and life experiences–are given the opportunities they deserve to reach their potential,” ​said Blanche.

“I’m beyond excited to join the Culture Amp team. The leadership’s belief that business can be done differently is visionary in our industry, and I believe their products directly enable the outcomes I’m most passionate about.”

Blanche continued: “The fact is, we know that equitable workplaces are happier, more innovative, and more financially sustainable. For too long, businesses have chosen to tolerate a culture that doesn’t work for everyone, and while that’s never been acceptable, employee and consumer expectations are changing.

“It’s possible to design workplaces that help people be the best versions of themselves and do the right thing, which is going to be a business advantage as we move into the future of work.”

The addition of Blanche and her data-focused approach to DEI will be a primary driver for actualising Culture Amp’s mission of creating a better world of work for more than 100 million people.
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