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From a humble background to leading a thriving and diverse company

Diversity in social class, culture and gender is helping to spur the growth of Vector Capital Group, as Founder and CEO Sezer Sherif reveals

FinTech and Financial Services urged to donate tech to support children from low-income backgrounds

Project highlights the growing demand to diversify the industry by inspiring kids from different backgrounds to look at FinTech

Skillsoft and iamtheCODE learning partnership to target African refugee camps

The partnership will help upskill communities in Africa’s largest refugee camps

How Pearl Lemon became a white minority business

At Pearl Lemon, the leaders focus on merit and talent

CandidateX: working towards a more equal and diverse workplace

A new talent engagement platform is aiming to boost diversity in recruitment as part of a new community-driven movement – CandidateX

Being an Amazon role model and how diversity makes good business sense

Katie George, EMEA Student Programs Lead, Amazon, was born in Swaziland to a white British father and a well-known singer from Soweto.