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Will the lockdown make 2021 the year of the introverts?

The Myers-Briggs Company honoured “World Introvert Day” with research-backed advice in four critical areas

The relationship between career choice and stress

A good career fit is ensuring that there are matches between the organisation and the individual

Ogilvy: don’t just talk about diversity and inclusion – take action

Advertising and marketing giant Ogilvy UK is spearheading the drive to make the creative industries more diverse and inclusive

Few employees feel that their employer truly cares

New research says that only a quarter of employees said their employer was genuinely concerned about their wellbeing

9 tips for great virtual leadership – with or without a pandemic

Virtual leadership is now the ‘new normal’. Expert and author Dr Penny Pullan, shares how to get it right.

Virtual support at the Women in IT Summit 2020 – day one

As the world works around COVID-19, the first day of the Women in IT Summit 2020 explores how we can live, and work, with the virus.

The diversity dilemma of COVID-19: keeping a focus on inclusion

As we begin another week in lockdown Chris Parke, CEO at Talking Talent, reflects on the importance of diversity and inclusion during good and bad times.

Showing the love(lace) for women in STEM: working toward equality

Today marks Ada Lovelace Day – an international celebration of the achievements of women in STEM. Here six ‘un-stereotypical’ women share their love for the industries, and why businesses and education must encourage greater equality in STEM.

Why women in STEM need to be the forerunners of change

Lori MacVittie, Principal Threat Evangelist at F5 Network, talks about her experience as a woman in the STEM industry and provides advice to inspire women in the sector.

Upskilling: the key to employee wellbeing and skills gap

The Myers-Briggs Company advocates learning and upskilling to close the digital skills gap that continues to rise.