Women in IT Summit UK 2023: empowering DE&I in the tech industry

The Women in IT Summit UK 2023 promises attendees an informative and thought-provoking day

High inflation, high running costs, and an impending recession. It’s one of the reasons why companies have not made progress on diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace in the last year.

Or is it?

The Women in IT Summit UK 2023 on 18 May aims to challenge the theory that creating a welcoming and supportive environment for women and underrepresented groups in tech costs a lot of money. Is it truly due to their costs that many DE&I initiatives have been put on the back burner?

There is no denying it’s been a turbulent few years for tech firms. COVID-19 and the global economic crisis have forced many to tighten their belts and lay off staff to focus on economic survival and impactful growth.

But there are ways to create and maintain a successful DE&I in a challenging economic climate when running costs, inflation, and living costs are high, but cash reserves are low.

Impactful growth

The fact that greater diversity in tech breeds innovation is nothing new, and diversity is something that all firms, regardless of industry, should want to pursue to get ahead of the competition.

The Women in IT Summit UK 2023 will feature several panels, keynote speeches, and workshops covering a range of topics, from creating inclusive products and services to exploring the needs of women in the metaverse.

The keynote speech, “Impactful Growth: Futureproofing Inclusive Tech”, looks at the mechanisms needed to provide an inclusive tech ecosystem and what women can do to ensure that inclusivity becomes a priority for organisations. This session will offer ‘low or no cost’ actionable solutions companies can implement to create a more inclusive work environment.

Inclusive design

Another panel will explore Designing for Inclusion and the challenges and opportunities for creating inclusive products and services. It will provide practical steps organisations can take to ensure their offerings are accessible and inclusive to all customers.

The Women in IT Summit UK 2023 will also host a workshop on “In the Room, Now Own It: Steps to Overcome Impostor Syndrome”, which will address the issue of feeling like an impostor and provide actionable steps to overcome this feeling. Other workshops will focus on becoming a more inclusive leader and being a better mentor to others.

What to expect at the Women in IT Summit UK 2023

The Summit will provide an opportunity for attendees to network with industry leaders and showcase their ideas for boosting the representation of women in the British technology industry. The Impact Ideas Stage will host a competition for innovative solutions, with the winning idea being given recognition and support to make a tangible impact on the industry.

The day will wrap up with a session on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive unprecedented productivity and performance in various industries and sectors. Attendees will learn how humans and AI can work together to achieve hyper-performance and the ethical implications of AI, including bias, privacy, and accountability.

Our upcoming Summit in London, UK, on 18 May, will have all you need to ensure your tech firm can deliver workforce equity as much as commercial viability during challenging times.

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