Unilever’s CLEAR initiative announces eQuoo as a new addition

eQuoo joins Unilever’s global CLEAR initiative to tackle the mental wellbeing crisis among young people across the world.

In the UK, 70 million days are lost from work each year due to mental ill-health, making it the leading cause of sickness-related absence.

To help address the issue, Unilever has made eQuoo the latest addition to its global initiative CLEAR, which arms young people with the resilience to prioritise their mental health and bring out the best in their work.

eQuoo, the world’s leading medically proven and evidence-based emotional fitness game, blends cognitive behavioural therapy, positive psychology and EQ (emotional intelligence) to take users on an adventure that goes beyond the game. 

Unilever believes the game to be the best fit for CLEAR based on eQuoo’s engaging user experience, intuitive functionality, scientific and psychologically backed methodology and effectiveness in solving an individual’s mental health issues.  

eQuoo benefits

“eQuoo teaches important skills in a fun and engaging way – in a choose-your-own-adventure game with real-life situations,” explains Unilever’s Global PDC Search and Social Analyst, Janelle Tomayo.

“The game teaches you how to become better communicators using fictional characters to navigate through difficult circumstances with skills and storylines empirically based on current psychological research.”  

Unilever’s People Data Centre (PDC) conducted a thorough analysis of the top downloaded mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, community and self-monitoring Mental Health Apps on Google Playstore that help with stress and anxiety to determine the optimal tool to support CLEAR’s global ambitions.

Only 2% of mental health prevention and early intervention apps are evidence-based, and eQuoo joins the cohort while also being the only game to be accepted into the NHS App Library. Together, eQuoo and Unilever will reach over 70,000 18 – 35-year-olds, a number that could only be reached with the digitalisation of mental health therapies. 

After releasing the first ADHD game for children that attained FDA approval, eQuoo is at the forefront of therapies making players feel comfortable and more likely to stick to their programme.

The partnership will make mental health aid more accessible than ever, says Silja Litvin, Founder and CEO of eQuoo: “Since day one it has been eQuoo’s goal to help as many people as possible, and this partnership with Unilever is instrumental in having a true impact,”

“One in three young adults experience an anxiety disorder, crippling and harming too many people at the cusp of their adult lives. Together eQuoo and Unilever will equip thousands of people with personal resilience to manage the pressures of today’s world.”

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