The Success Rebellion: begin creating the life you were born to live

Ryan Jackson, author of The Success Rebellion, invites you to go against society’s rules – because conforming only leaves people feeling unsuccessful, unhappy and unfulfilled

In this guest feature, Ryan Jackson, author of The Success Rebellion, is asking readers to join the movement that’s transforming lives and learn key principles that will empower and unlock the shackles of limiting beliefs to successfully navigate the ‘new normal’.

If you believe something to be true then so it is. Your beliefs have the ability to either empower you or disempower you. When we form negative or limiting beliefs, they can act as shackles that keep us down and hold us back from achieving success in every area of life.

It’s crucial that you learn to become aware of your own personal belief system. Your opinions are what drives your behaviour and shape your view of the world and what is and what isn’t possible. To do this you have to begin to introduce a new way of thinking, a new way of believing, letting go of the old to welcome in the new and move into the life that you deserve.

How limiting beliefs begin

When we come into this world, we arrive free of any prior conditional beliefs. From the moment of our birth, we enter a stage of discovery. Our attitudes begin to form mainly as a result of our parents’ influence at first, and then later at school, from our teachers, friends, family, and wider society.

Throughout history, there has always been some form of external influence that has shaped the way we see the world – whether that be governments, religion, community or just local culture. However, we are now in an era where the control over how we think, feel and behave is diminishing by the day with little protection against the external influences that threaten to manipulate our very being.

With the advancement of technology, we are indoctrinated with beliefs from every angle through the medium of news, advertising, TV programmes, social networks and films. What is worrying about this is that we take on the opinions of the world around us and accept them as our own. This is how self-limiting beliefs take hold.

But here’s the real news. You don’t have to accept other peoples’ principles as the truth, making them your own reality. You can create new values for yourself, and the rest of the world.

In years past, it was universally held belief that the capacity for flight was exclusive to the birds. Despite the consensus of thinking that certain things were impossible, some individuals decide not to adopt this collective thought. Instead, they impose their own will on this world, and in doing so, they change the planet.

Why you need a plan

We are provided daily with inspiration and ideas that will enable us to forge a new life. However, we often fail to act upon them due to fear, procrastination and self-doubt.  We have to learn to act upon ideas and opportunities.

This is how the game changers do it. They reframe how they perceive the world, see the opportunities as opposed to the problems, identify the missing links and capitalise where they can, and fill the void with their solutions. Many see but many stumble at the doing, held back by their limiting beliefs. Let’s end that here and now.

Every journey starts with the first step, and as small as it may be, simply doing one small act, that will take you forward, is a win. It is then for you to build upon that with a second step, then a third, and before you know it, you’re sprinting towards the finishing line. I’ve been there, and I know it can be hard to gain the momentum to get started, but once you do, there will be no stopping you.

Over time it then becomes a part of who you are, your default setting. You become a doer. Once you make the transition, you learn that nothing can stop you from creating the life you choose. No dream is too big or too outrageous for you to achieve.

The doers’ mindset is geared towards acting upon their inspired thoughts and not allowing doubt to sway them from the goal.

Everyone has the ability to acquire this mindset, but the first step must be taken. It is up to you to first map out your journey, creating the chart that will guide you towards your new chosen life. Once the navigational map has been formed, it’s time to release the anchor and move away from the comfort of the shore. No more discussions, debating and unnecessary prolonging. Now is the time for you to begin your initiation and move forth in the true essence of success, the journey!

How to start

To get you started, take some time to think about the following questions:

  • Where does your road map lead you?
  • What rituals do you subscribe to without truly knowing why?
  • What are the habits that hold you back?
  • And what are the positive habits that take you forward?
  • Who do you need to change in order to achieve your vision?

Confucius summed it best: ‘Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are usually both right.’

If we believe we can achieve something, we will gravitate towards it and take action to do it. If limiting beliefs prevent us from having faith in our abilities, we resist even trying. Your thoughts underpin your perception of the world. But with a change of belief comes a change in your world.

Extract adapted from The Success Rebellion by Ryan Jackson.

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