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Developing virtual relationships has become the new norm, and Tina Gravel says the world best get used to it.

Knowledge sharing spurs the inaugural virtual Women in IT Summit Europe 2020

Tech has revolutionised the ‘new normal’; but how far can it go in ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion?

Women in IT: the lack of diversity in fashion is no barrier to determination

Being born into a traditional Pakistani family failed to stop Barjis Chohan from succeeding in one of the least diverse industries in the world

Women in IT Summit Europe- Sarah Burnett, founding partner at Emergence Partners

Ahead of the Women in IT Europe Summit 2020, Sarah Burnett spoke to Information Age about her part in the event and promoting diversity

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As we wrap up the Women in It Summit 2020, we look at how we can get more women and girls into IT and tech.

Virtual Women in IT Summit 2020 – Day two recap

The second day of the Women in It Summit 2020 explores how the IT industry can build a new workplace culture.

Virtual support at the Women in IT Summit 2020 – day one

As the world works around COVID-19, the first day of the Women in IT Summit 2020 explores how we can live, and work, with the virus.

Registrations now open for Women in IT Virtual Summit!

Registrations for the first Women in IT Virtual Summit, taking place between 30th June and 2nd July, are now open, and entry is free

Women in IT more likely to be promoted than men, study finds

Surprising findings might be less positive than they initially seem.

Coping with COVID-19, the 9/11 of this generation

While I’ll always remember the innocence lost after 9/11, the younger generations will be experiencing the same anguish