The other gap that no one is talking about

Data shows that women are in principle keen on investing, yet in reality few do

New investment fund launched to support women in business

Wombat Invest, the mobile-only investment app, has launched a new investment fund for companies taking the lead on gender equality.

Female Ventures Fund to invest £10m in women-only start-ups in first year

New venture capital fund led by and for women will address inequality of just 1% of VC money going to women-only start-ups

Investors must embrace diversity now and invest in diverse founders

Vegard Medbø and Fridtjof Berge, co-founders of Antler, explain why investors must embrace diversity now and look to emerging markets .

Leading entrepreneur PropElle(s) UK female property investment network

One of Britain’s brightest female entrepreneurs under 35 launches UK female property investment network PropElle in a mission to empower historically underrepresented groups.

Unlocking the significant power of female investors

Roxana-Mohammadian Molina Chief Strategy Officer of BLEND Network calls for action to address the lack of female investors.

Why the business community needs to keep talking about mental health

Inspired by his own mental health challenges, Guy Tolhurst, founder of the Mindful Investor initiative challenges investors to take a more mindful and holistic approach to imparting capital and place equal focus on diversity, inclusion and mental health.

Gender diversity failure hits fund returns

Only 14% of European equity funds have at least one female fund manager. More is needed to achieve true gender diversity across the sector.

Mirova partners with UN on global equity fund to increase gender diversity

The rise of Gender-Smart Investing