Leading entrepreneur PropElle(s) UK female property investment network

One of Britain’s brightest female entrepreneurs under 35 launches UK female property investment network PropElle in a mission to empower historically underrepresented groups.

The PropElle Network gives women the tools they need to be able to gain financial and lifestyle independence. For some women that means having a stable second income, for others, it’s saving returns made on property investments.

The community empowers women to invest confidently at all levels, whether by direct property investments, through crowdfunding, or by starting their own property portfolios or property related businesses.

Opportunities through PropElle 

PropElle offers property education, practical advice and guidance to help any woman invest in property, no matter their background or circumstance, whether they have £100, £100,000 or more.

Through inspirational speaker events, workshops, seminars, facilitation services, direct property investment and crowdfunding opportunities, a focus on women’s wellbeing and mental health, mentoring, success and accountability partnerships, networking and more, founder Ayesha Ofori aims to help all women.

All about Ofori

Ofori, 34, the first of her family to complete University, has an MSci in Physics from Imperial College and an MBA from London Business School. She was recently named in Management Today’s 35 women under 35 list of young, female talent.

An experienced wealth adviser, she has worked for firms such as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, where she was an Executive Director and one of their most senior black women in a client facing role in Europe.

As an Executive Director within Private Wealth Management at Goldman Sachs, Ofori spent years providing guidance on wealth enhancement and managing assets for her clients. She also built her own personal property portfolio through direct investments and property development.

Ofori left banking in 2018 to set up Axion Property Partners, a firm that works with individuals who want to make UK residential property investments, and the Axion Academy focused on educating underrepresented groups about property investment. This year, she launched the Black Property Network and now PropElle.

“Lack of investments is one of the biggest barriers to wealth that women face and up to 70% of millennial women are not investing their money at all,” says Ofori.

“In my experience, not investing comes from lack of opportunity, not knowing the options that are available to you and being afraid to speak up and ask. Property investment has long been perceived as accessible only to high net worth individuals and typically men. It’s time that changed. It is my goal to show women they are capable of investing in property at all levels of investment.”

Ofori has already assisted many women on their property investment journeys, such as:

•         Stay at home mums, whose children are now in full-time education and who want to do something for themselves.

•         Parents whose salaries have been stagnant and want to utilise savings to increase their monthly income and overall savings.

•         Women who feel trapped in their jobs because they need the monthly salary, but otherwise wouldn’t stay.

•         Recently divorced women who find they need to bolster their now sole income.

•         Women who have gone back to work after having children but realise that their ambitions and dreams have changed.

•         High net worth individuals who want access to bespoke property investment opportunities and help with managing and building investment portfolios.

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