Future Stars of Tech

Future Stars of Tech Awards 2020: A look at the diversity advocates

As the Future Stars of Tech Awards 2020 celebrates the next generation of tech leaders, we focus on the nominees for diversity advocate.

Future Stars in Tech Awards 2020: Diversity Advocate revealed!

Winning the Diversity Advocate Award at the Future Stars in Tech Awards 2020 is set to open new doors for Olivia Hake.

Tech Leaders Summit united on the need to drive diversity and inclusion in the sector

The Tech Leaders Summit was an energising opportunity to share views on the latest technologies driving innovation in 2019 and beyond.

The Women in IT Awards Ireland 2018 — winners revealed!

London tech scene must do better as it lags behind FTSE 100 on gender diversity

Agility through diversity

Diversity and Tech Talent Acquisition

In this Agility Through Diversity film. We wanted to find out what drives tech talent and so invited some of the Future Stars of Tech to tell us

The importance of diversity in IT and DevOps

How businesses can achieve Agility Through Diversity. The second in this series looks at the importance of diversity specifically in IT and DevOps.

Diversity in DevOps with Marianne Calder

We speak with Marianne Calder from Puppet about diversity in DevOps, her career path and her thoughts on the future of the sector and STEM.