Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust unveils new name

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust unveils new name and reinforces its commitment to creating a more inclusive society

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust has changed its name to Blueprint for All in the next exciting step in their work to create the change society needs.

Blueprint for All is a charity with a continued commitment to work with young people, communities, and organisations so that every person can flourish in a society that recognises and values them. The underpinning principles of the charity, founded in memory of Stephen Lawrence, remain the same and have never been more relevant.

The re-brand underlines the charity’s clear vision and roadmap to drive systemic change in organisations and create a more inclusive society in which everyone – regardless of background – is provided with tangible opportunities to flourish.

The inspirational CEO of Blueprint for All Sonia Watson OBE, lays out the charity’s mission: “We believe in a future where talent is respected and nurtured irrespective of where it comes from, where organisations recognise and realise the benefits of a diverse workforce and where our communities can come together and thrive. This is our blueprint to set the foundations for a more inclusive society to grow.”

Blueprint for All, formerly The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, was founded in 1998 to tackle inequality in all forms. From its early focus on supporting young people of black heritage into careers in architecture, the career Stephen himself hoped to pursue, the charity has broadened its work and programmes so that it is now working across industries and with young people, community groups and partner organisations to create long-term systemic change.

Recognising this growth, a decision was taken to adopt a name which better reflects and communicates the ambition to create a fairer and more inclusive society.  The new name also makes space for the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, led by Stephen’s mother Baroness Lawrence, which will continue to commemorate his memory.

The Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford will remain the home of the charity, as well as Your Space flexible co-working and event facilities.

Blueprint for All will be continuing its powerful work creating the change society needs, through its combination of impactful corporate and community partnerships and programmes.

In 2019 the charity reached over 1,200 young people to offer careers advice, provided bursaries to students at 13 different universities, supported 145 young people from under-represented backgrounds on their journey to qualify as architects and provided networking, learning events and funding to over 200 voluntary and community groups.

As Sonia highlights: “Since the Trust was founded in 1998, in memory of Stephen Lawrence, we have been dedicated to ensuring that the opportunities denied to him are open to all.  Over the years, we’ve built the foundation of our charity which will continue to grow and honour his memory.

Blueprint for All underpins that we are a charity with a clear plan to create the change our society needs and will continue our work to set the foundations for a more inclusive society.

We are passionate about ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their race, ethnicity or background, has the opportunity to create their own blueprint for their life.”

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