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Resilience lower among women, public sector and part time workers, says new report

Higher employee resilience could boost retention rates, so should workers be given more training and support?

London & Partners invite the world’s leading companies to share their diversity & inclusion stories

Attendees heard about how the world’s leading corporations are embracing diversity and inclusion

New employee experience demands could create more inclusive workplaces

Employee experience demands have changed since COVID-19 and if embraced by organisations, could create more diverse and inclusive workforces

Teleperformance: putting employees’ first

Transferring 80% of its employees from office to home has helped Teleperformance weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic

Women less likely to want a full-time office position following COVID-19

In the UK, female employees are looking for a flexible working model

WIAM speakers talk furthering D&I during COVID-19

The Women in Asset Management Summit Transatlantic Edition took place virtually on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 where the benefits of homeworking and desired leadership traits to have during the pandemic were discussed

Lockdown reveals employee confidence crisis

Workers are struggling with their self-esteem during Covid-19, but these issues are part of a longer-term problem

How can we make flexible work policies more inclusive?

2020 has seen the rise of flexible work policies, but what can be done to make them more inclusive in the future?

7 Ways 2020 changed leadership forever

This year leaders have had no choice but to alter the way they do things, and Impact International has been looking at how

Women in IT Summit Europe- Sarah Burnett, founding partner at Emergence Partners

Ahead of the Women in IT Europe Summit 2020, Sarah Burnett spoke to Information Age about her part in the event and promoting diversity