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BAME career progression: tips on tackling barriers in the workplace

Roy Bean knows the effort to carve out a successful career in workplaces still not quite up to par on BAME career progression

BAME HCAs: the true measure of wealth is good health

When BAME HCAs winner Dr Danso realised the healthcare needs of her friends and family were underserved, she decided to do something about it…

Nominations now open for The National BAME Health & Care Awards 2021

Support and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of the NHS workers who have dedicated their lives to serve others

Putting BAME representation on the agenda in financial services

Industry needs to understand its ‘unconscious biases’ and mitigate the impact they have on decisions and BAME professionals.

‘Old boy’s network’ leaves BAME workers 92% less likely to land boardroom job

BAME employees face routine discrimination by an “institutionally racist old boy’s network”, claims a new study by Anuranjita Kumar.

Government proposes new protections against workplace discrimination

New anti workplace discrimination proposals bolster broader non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) initiative announced in the summer.

National BAME Health & Care Awards 2019 winners announced!

The inaugural national BAME Health and Care Awards ceremony shines a light on the excellence of BAME staff in health and care.

Government introduces Worker Protection Bill to tackle workplace harassment

New legislation aims to hold employers liable for harassment by third parties

Systemic racism in the workplace dehumanises Black colleagues

HR rewired Managing Director, best-selling author, and vlogger Shereen Daniels reveals how she became a driving force for racial equality.

Why NHS leadership needs to embrace diversity and whistleblowing

Whistleblowing in healthcare remains a contentious topic and a double-edged sword