Online tool launched to help staff wellbeing during coronavirus crisis

Secondsight and Rightsteps have teamed up to provide online support to businesses looking to safeguard their employees’ wellbeing.

Benefits specialists Secondsight and employee wellbeing experts Rightsteps have launched an online tool to help employers support staff’s mental, physical and financial wellbeing during the coronavirus epidemic.

COVID-19 has seen businesses across the world turn to remote working so the lack of office environments has made it difficult to track and look after employees’ wellbeing

The online tool will be free to use for the next three months, ensuring that employers can provide a high level of support for their employee’s wellbeing during the coronavirus crisis.

What the tool does

The online tool will feature information and guidance, with the aim of helping thousands of workers with mental, physical and financial wellbeing support, whilst promoting an open, supportive culture.

Written by experts in the field, the easy to use interactive platform will be available 24/7 on any device, and with a dedication to using language that explains complex matters in plain English.

Offering a range of topics from managing debt or creating healthy savings habits, to managing your mental health, overcoming sleep difficulties and developing a healthier lifestyle, the wellbeing platform will feature up-to-date, trusted and easily digestible information that has been developed by two regulated organisations.

The strain of remote working

Ian Bird, Director of Business Development at Secondsight, said: “It’s clear that there is not only a demand but a need for employers to be offering their people adequate support across all areas of wellbeing, especially during the coronavirus outbreak.

“Now more than ever employees are taking the strain to work from home during the crisis, and employers need every help they can get to manage wellbeing remotely, which is why we’re making this tool free to access for our entire client base. 

“We’re working with Rightsteps to create a holistic solution to help improve employees’ overall wellbeing and make a positive impact on people’s lives; with information from trusted sources, available 24/7.”

The focus on wellbeing

David Lewis, Principal, Rightsteps said: “As wellbeing experts, we also know that when people are struggling with life’s challenges this can lead to financial and psychological difficulties. This is even more so with the impact of coronavirus, with many people struggling to maintain their psychological wellbeing at this time. 

“Through our relationship with Secondsight we want to support employees to enjoy greater health and wellbeing.  

“Bringing our expertise together will provide employees with immediate access to trusted information and guidance that can make a real difference in their lives.”
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