NetSuite Accelerator programme expands to bolster more diverse entrepreneurs

Accelerator aims to help more entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses

NetSuite Accelerator launched earlier this year to foster diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. The programme helps diverse entrepreneurs and leaders increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and gain the visibility needed to make informed decisions.

When we launched it in February, the programme was initially focused on helping the Black business community, and we partnered with the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas to extend the reach of NetSuite Accelerator. But we were never stopping there – our goal has always been to partner with other incubators across the United States to help more entrepreneurs realise their vision and build successful and sustainable businesses.

That is why we are announcing that we are partnering with more organisations including  Veteran Fund, VetsinTech, and Silicon Hills to expand NetSuite Accelerator to help Veteran, women, LGBTQ, Asian, and LatinX entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Helping foster entrepreneurship in diverse communities

The Veteran Fund is an early-stage venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that invests in high-growth startups founded by members of the military community with a focus on national security and defence.

“Veterans Day honours all those who have served our nation, but their service to protect our communities often doesn’t stop after their military career ends. For example, there are exceptional members of our military community that are founding innovative, high-growth businesses,” said Mike Sherbakov, co-founder and general partner, The Veteran Fund.

“The Veteran Fund is excited to partner with NetSuite Accelerator to further our mission to expand the frontier of innovation through our next-generation community of top military, business, and mindful leaders.”

VetsinTech, based in San Francisco, is an organisation that supports veterans with reintegration services and connects them to the national technology ecosystem. 

“Part of celebrating Veterans Day is focusing on how our society – and the private sector – can give back to our military community and support Veterans with their post-military career,” said Katherine Webster, CEO, VetsinTech.

“Through education, employment and entrepreneurship programmes, along with strong corporate partnerships, VetsinTech aims to help Veterans translate their military skills to the private sector world. By partnering with the team at NetSuite Accelerator, we know we can make a big difference in helping Veterans develop their unique expertise and succeed in finding a rewarding career in technology.” 

Silicon Hills Capital is a venture capital firm based in Austin, TX that invests in underestimated founders at the Seed, Pre-Seed, and Series A rounds.

“Our vision at Silicon Hills Capital is that early-stage investing in women and BIPOC founders will lead to economic equity and support a new wave of innovation in the U.S,” said Anita Roberts, managing director, Silicon Hills Capital.

“NetSuite Accelerator has a similar mission to help innovative founders build scalable, sustainable businesses that also happen to generate positive social impact and economic growth. I look forward to working with the NetSuite team to make a difference for diverse founders.”

The future of NetSuite Accelerator

Entrepreneurs play a crucial role in our economy by driving innovation, greater opportunity, and job growth in our communities. Since its inception eight months ago, NetSuite Accelerator has already helped several entrepreneurs from diverse communities. The programme increases access to the processes, best practices, guidance, and technology required to achieve the kind of sustainable growth that only comes from having true business visibility and control.

By continuously growing our partnerships and expanding our reach, we hope to help foster entrepreneurship in diverse communities and provide the resources businesses need to withstand both the upturns and the downturns of the economy.

By George Ploss, director of NetSuite Accelerator

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