Launch of a practical guide to sight loss

Sight Loss Toolkit addresses common concerns and offers advice

Business Disability Forum has published a new range of free resources providing a practical guide to sight loss. The range includes specific advice for people with sight loss as well as healthcare professionals, employers and businesses. The Sight Loss Toolkit has been commissioned and funded by Roche Products Ltd.

Whether a person is born with sight loss or loses it over time, it is a life-altering experience for the individual and their family and friends. IAPB research shows that 1.1 billion people globally have sight loss and the RNIB estimates that 250 people start to lose their sight every day in the UK. This is the equivalent of one person every six minutes.

Living with sight loss

Business Disability Forum’s Sight Loss Toolkit aims to help people with sight loss and those around them by addressing common concerns and offering advice on everyday situations.

One contributor with sight loss said: “Remember that your situation is probably not unique. It might feel unique, but there are lots of people who’ve been diagnosed with sight loss over the years and lots of people out there who can give advice, lend a bit of a friendly ear, and offer a little support. So, I’d say don’t try and battle this on your own but actually see what else is out there.”

Sight Loss Toolkit

The Toolkit includes accessible resources on:

  • What is sight loss?
  • Living with sight loss
  • Accessing the healthcare system
  • Working with sight loss
  • Getting help and information

The Sight Loss Toolkit also offers advice and guidance to clinicians, healthcare professionals, employers and businesses on better serving the needs of people with sight loss.

A diverse team of people with sight loss and organisations helped to create the Toolkit. They share their own experiences, insights, and expertise throughout the resources.

Diane Lightfoot, CEO of Business Disability Forum, said: “Many of us will be affected by sight loss during our lives. Losing our sight can be a frightening experience as we have to navigate everyday situations, such as medical appointments, shopping, and working in a new way. We may come across barriers that we never expected.

“By increasing understanding amongst employers, clinicians and businesses, we hope to improve services and workplace experiences for people with sight loss. We also want to remove fear and uncertainty by equipping people with sight loss with the information they need to live life to the full.”

She adds: “Business Disability Forum thanks everyone who gave generously their time to help create the Sight Loss Toolkit. We would particularly like to thank Roche Products Ltd for commissioning and funding the resources.”

Thom Renwick, Head of Ophthalmology, Roche UK, said: “At Roche UK, we are focused on researching and developing new treatments, aiming to redefine standards of care for the two million people with sight loss living in the UK. We are committed to listening, understanding and partnering to co-create solutions that will improve people’s lives.

“We believe more can and should be done to protect and ensure the wellbeing of those living with sight loss. That is why we have partnered with Business Disability Forum to develop this Toolkit, which will help to remove barriers, making it easier for people with sight loss to live independently.”

All the resources in Business Disability Forum’s Sight Loss Toolkit are available free on Business Disability Forum’s Knowledge Hub.

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