Kitchin Table relaunches to fuel networking from home for women

Networking for women working remotely during the pandemic has been a challenge; now they have the Kitchin Table

The first networking from home app for women, Kitchin Table has relaunched to connect like-minded businesswomen through their interests and skills, during the pandemic.

Created to make it easier for female entrepreneurs to find collaborative, safe and women-only co-working spaces, the app revolutionises networking from home.

Gone are one-off coffee meetings and lost business cards, with Kitchin Table users, can connect with other women looking to extend their network. Users search by date, location, interest or skill to find a Kitchin Table space to connect with other women, without having to share the same physical space. The app also allows users to host their own Kitchin Table, turning their homes into a business.

Having taken advice from founders and designers from Apple and Google, Kitchin Table founder Laila Dupuy decided to help women network during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 is having a big, bad impact on women’s ability to network. Our relaunched app makes it easier for women to develop the networks they need to get ahead. We want to grow with female entrepreneurs, remove barriers that prevent women from leading in their field and help all women connect and achieve their business goals.” 

Working from home has had a specific impact on women, and that’s down to the unique way that women network. While men are quicker to ask for favours from a wider range of connections, women prioritise building a relationship with professional contacts. As a result, women are missing out on access to the networks needed to get ahead, and this is the problem Kitchen Table solves.

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