How to enhance the unique new skills gained during the lockdown

Around 41% of workers say they have gained new skills under lockdown. Life Based Value is here to help make the most of them.

Life Based Value has launched the digital training programme ‘Crisis’ to help people unlock and harness the unique new skills they’ve naturally developed during the lockdown, and apply them to workplace situations.

Crisis has been specifically developed to enhance skills such as self-determination, emotional awareness, flexibility, planning, effective communication, empathy, and creativity.

What is it?

The digital training programme helps employees through managing change, reducing stress, and releasing their potential for innovation. It helps show effective methods of navigating interactions with others, something which we are missing while working from home. The programme makes information available to HR managers, to ensure they guide people through all aspects of the lockdown – including the return to work.

Available for entire companies, participants are guided through cognitive stimulation and reflections across a nine-step online journey, starting with individual exercises before joining up with their colleagues to form a collective narrative of the situation. The digital training programme is made up of nine weekly 30-minute modules, to be completed over a three-month period.

Why is it needed?

Life Based Value conducted research of over 1,500 employees from European companies, which showed that 41% of people say they have acquired new skills through this epidemic, and 60% of people are ready to return to work with renewed energy.

However, the results also revealed that most workers expect to see some change in their company.

The majority of workers (83%) say they expect their company to make room for change upon return from lockdown, and 69% expect there to be more space for their thoughts and feelings to be heard as part of the return to the office. A further 82% said that “lots of things must change”, showing that this time in lockdown has given many employees time to reflect on their values and lifestyles at the workplace.

How will it help employees?

Riccarda Zezza, Founder of Life Based Value commented: “As we prepare for a future return to work, companies must tune in to the new needs of their employees. We’re absolutely delighted to help increase their capacity to innovate and, in general, they can count on a workforce that’s stronger, more motivated and more aware with Crisis. Our digital training programme, which we have worked tirelessly on, accompanies people as they manage change. At a personal level, they feel heard and involved in the process of redefining their company’s culture – reducing stress and unleashing their creative potential.”

Life Based Value offers a selection of digital training programmes to workplaces based on the underappreciated value of key life transitions and the skills they develop in employees and to-date has been chosen by over 14,000 people and 75 international organisations.

These programmes are available to businesses globally, for their employees to maximise soft skills they’ve honed through life transitions, such as parenthood, caregiving, and crises. Over 14,000 people and 75 Italian and International organisations have chosen the programme to date.
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