Google joins with Inspiring Girls to support girls in pursuing their dream careers

Inspiring Girls International is collaborating with Google to create inspiring video content to help girls aim high from a young age.

Between the ages of eight and 14 girls’ confidence drops by 30%, in turn impacting pivotal decisions about future education options and career interests. This partnership aims to tackle gender stereotypes in the tech-sector head-on.

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The videos will feature on Inspiring Girls’ online Video Hub, a go-to resource for girls to watch inspirational interviews with female role models, which officially launches in  Autumn 2019. Designed to ensure girls are not limited by their location, the videos will inspire young girls to pursue their goals by watching real women talk about their careers and experiences.

Challenging gender stereotypes

The new partnership will see more than a dozen female Google employees in motivational interviews, talking about their careers, what inspires them, and suggestions for how to pursue a successful career in tech. The goal is to challenge gender-stereotypes in the tech industry and is part of Grow with Google, an initiative to provide free programmes, training and tools to help people across Europe get the skills they need to succeed.

Each video lasts two to five minutes and Inspiring Girls is now encouraging any woman, working in any industry, in any role to contribute their video to the Hub, and help make female role models easily accessible to girls globally. 55% of girls aged 7–21 say gender stereotypes affect their ability to say what they think – to tackle this, Inspiring Girls connects female role models with girls to raise their aspirations.

Global campaign

The campaign is already present in 45 locations across 13 countries, connecting professional women with school girls in Serbia, Spain, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Singapore, with Switzerland, Panama and Honduras the newest countries to join the campaign.

The interviews of women working at Google are a first taste of what to expect on the new Inspiring Girls Video Hub, before the full launch later this year. For a preview, you can watch the Google videos on the Inspiring Girls YouTube channel.

Founder and Chair of Inspiring Girls, Miriam González, said: “A lack of access to diverse female role models affects girls all around the world, particularly when it comes to their career aspirations. We have partnered with Google to break down gender clichés in the tech-sector, and encourage girls to explore some of the careers that women are still under-represented in. We are delighted to have Google collaborating with Inspiring Girls on our global campaign. Together, we can inspire the next generation of women.”

Katerina Havrlant at Grow with Google said: “Jobs in technology are among the fastest growing and yet, for too many people a career in technology  seems out of reach. We’re committed to creating a more inclusive workforce and it’s our role to engage with aspiring technologists early, often–ensuring that anyone can see themselves in tech and can make that future a reality.”

Inspiring Girls is asking women from all walks of life to submit a video and help populate the Hub before the Autumn launch. If you want to contribute, please contact:

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