Global Woman Lobby: empowering businesswomen during a pandemic

New online platform Global Woman Lobby gains over 3,000 members in over 38 countries in first week of launch.

Global Woman Club is helping keep businesswomen across the world keep connected from home through the launch of its new online platform, Global Woman Lobby.

Since its launch, over 3,000 women across 38 countries have signed up and are using the platform to make new connections, attend virtual events or promote their products and services.

The online platform enables daily virtual events, training, networking and allows them to interact and support each other during these very uncertain times. Users can connect with others to build their network and can even conduct live sessions and meetings within the platform. There are also places to post jobs, share articles and create a portfolio to showcase their businesses.

The free online platform created by Mirela Sula provides everything women need to press forward with their business goals during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Global Woman Club founder Mirela Sula said: “At this time of crisis where business as usual simply isn’t possible, Global Woman Lobby provides a community where members can feel connected, welcomed and included. It is a platform where they showcase their skills and build their network, a marketplace where they can build their business and a real global virtual space where they can run meetings and events.

“I am so excited to launch this new vision for the Global Woman family; where women can have a microphone, speak their mind, make more friends, more money, become better leaders and create a positive impact to their communities, by connecting with the whole world.

“The coronavirus pandemic is impacting businesses across the globe, but there is still so much spirit, enthusiasm and energy within the female business community and now is the time to come together and support each other.

“With live events taking place every single day, the Global Woman Lobby is helping to spread all the good work that Global Woman Club has been building over the past three to four years. Global Woman Lobby is a safe space for women to be bold and courageous while feeling completely supported. It’s like one big family.”

Mirela first started Global Woman Club in 2016 and soon after launched Global Woman Magazine. By the end of 2019, Global Woman Club had a presence in over 25 locations in 30 countries and had reached over half a million women. Global Woman also produces four quarterly magazines, has published eight books and hosts a steady stream of successful conferences, including the ‘Global Woman Summit’. In January 2020, the online Global Woman Academy launched, followed in April by the Global Woman Lobby.

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