Brenock announces platform to engage employees

New online platform by Brenock aims to diversify employee engagement and participation by giving everyone a voice

Software and services provider Brenock Technology, LLC has launched a new employee engagement and idea management platform called Idea Pipeline.

Idea Pipeline is a cloud-based enterprise engagement tool that allows human resources directors, organisation leaders and department heads to source ideas and solutions from their employees. The tool is available via desktop and mobile devices and empowers employees to champion innovation within their company.

The online platform began as a project when Brenock enlisted the help of Ric Pratte, president of Idea Pipeline, to provide a solution that would help meet its customer engagement needs. After the success of the platform, Brenock partnered with Ric to build and use Idea Pipeline as a way to meet employee engagement needs in the company.

“Giving employees a voice is one of the best ways to improve employee experience,” said Pratte. “Idea Pipeline helps make employees feel trusted and accountable. As a continuous improvement programme, the solution affects organisations’ productivity. It’s a cost-effective method to improve quality, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.”

By giving employees a platform to share ideas and provide feedback, no voice in the company is left unheard, letting employers know what needs to change within a company to improve the employee experience.

As the suggestions are being evaluated, the platform provides real-time status updates promoting transparency and increasing collaboration among teams. The tool is a web-based platform, which allows colleagues to access and collaborate anywhere there is an internet connection, without needing to download additional apps.

“Expanding the availability of Idea Pipeline in our portfolio was an easy decision,” said Manus Walsh, president at Brenock. “We knew it could deliver broader value to leaders looking to strengthen their business and engage crew members following the economic challenges of the global pandemic.”

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