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A review of some of the UK’s largest companies reveals that many are focusing more on workforce diversity, but many areas need more attention

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Encouraging new fathers to take parental leave could boost wellbeing and stem the gender pay gap

Why businesses need to give fathers more support after parental leave

Lynne Hardman, CEO of Working Transitions says new fathers need more support

Most comprehensive diversity and inclusion report ever launched

McKenzie-Delis Packer Review is the first review of its’ kind to take a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion

Investment management is failing in its support for working parents

Despite COVID-19 doubling the workload for working parents, investment management firms are not providing additional help

Embracing Lifeed in your HR practices can help you grow

Lifeed knows lived experiences outside of work can be beneficial to both employers and employees alike

Passion and purpose: A career story from Salesforce’s Equality Programs Director

Working at Salesforce has taught Bayly Mattes to believe in her strengths, stick to her goals, speak out and try new things.