87% supports Britain’s small business community in the Covid-19 crisis

87% offers Britain’s small business community free access to its mental health wellbeing platform during pandemic.

87%, a digital platform dedicated to managing and improving mental wellbeing in the workplace, has pledged to support Britain’s small business community.

With the help of funds raised from its shareholders, 87% is now offering any company with between one and 100 employees, free access to the 87% platform until the end of June 2020.


Created in 2016, the 87% platform of a team of experts in psychology, technology and business, focuses on improving mental wellbeing in the workforce, while still protecting the absolute privacy and trust of the employee.

87% offers a single destination for employees and employers to build and maintain positive mental wellbeing to improve mental wellbeing in the workforce.

The rapid spread of Covid-19 worldwide is creating unprecedented levels of uncertainty and change in both business and personal lives. As people across the globe are encouraged to self-isolate, their mental health is too facing a crisis.

“It is critical that during this time mental wellbeing is prioritised, which is where 87% come in”, says 87% founder and former Ladbrokes CEO, Richard Glynn.

The platform enables employees to gain a better understanding on their mental health and wellbeing resilience, and employers, improved employee engagement, productivity, reduced business costs and the creation of a more sustainable business culture. 

Andy Bibb, CEO said: “At 87% our mission is simple: to improve employee mental wellbeing. These are worrying times for us all and 87% is doing its bit to help. Smaller businesses are undoubtedly going to be suffering more than most during this time of uncertainty yet care for their employees equally. if we can use our platform and combined skills to help, then we will of course, do so. We all have a responsibility to work together to support our economy, society and each other today, and in the future.”  

The 87% offering

87% is playing its part by offering tangible support to SME’s who may have constrained resources namely those businesses and their employees who are particularly feeling the impact of the current pandemic and often who may have constrained resources. 

Employees will gain full access to the 87% app with a comprehensive feature set, daily interactions, weekly mental fitness bulletins and podcast series. The 87% platform provides employers with an insight dashboard which can be integrated with existing initiatives, products and health care providers to provide a one-stop-shop for employee wellbeing.

Why they’re offering the service

Richard Glynn, now Chairman of 87%, said: “We believe that business has a pivotal role to play at this time.  Only through measuring a company’s overall mental wellbeing can organisations support the mental wellbeing of their key resource, their people. Employees’ mental and physical wellness needs to be top of the agenda. Resilient mental health can help individuals, and therefore their families and society cope better with the uncertainty and worry that unforeseen crises like the Covid-19 bring.” 

The sole intention of 87% is to support the mental wellbeing of society at this troubling time. At the end of the crisis period, 87% will assess each situation and may offer further extensions.

To get free access to the 87% app, companies will need to go through a simple approval process.

To apply please visit the website.

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