Women in IT Awards 2022 UK – winner Liz Ashall-Payne on being a female tech entrepreneur

Liz Ashall-Payne Chief Executive Officer at ORCHA gives an insight into being a female business leader in tech

In this video series, DiversityQ speaks with the inspirational winners of the Women in IT UK Awards 2022 who give honest accounts about their experiences as women in tech.

Liz Ashall-Payne Chief Executive Officer at ORCHA, a live resource for rated and reviewed medical and health care apps, discusses her Entrepreneur of the Year win and what the ecosystem is like today for female business leaders in tech.

DiversityQ’s Senior Writer Annie May Byrne Noonan also speaks with Payne about the reasons behind her starting ORCHA and what needs weren’t being met in the tech-health market. In this revealing interview, Payne details her funding experiences at the helm of a female-led business in the male-dominated tech sector, and the unique networking value of awards ceremonies like the Women in IT Awards UK for female entrepreneurs, where she won one of the most high-profile categories.

Ahead of the upcoming Women in IT UK Summit on 19th May 2022, which will expand upon the ’emerging with impact’ theme of the awards, including how tech firms can make a real impact in their post-pandemic journey, Payne’s experience as a woman running a successful tech business with inclusion and social impact in mind makes for vital viewing.

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