Actionable ways companies can proactively empower their female workforce

How to empower female workforces to be the leaders of tomorrow in male domincated STEM sectors, the Progress way?

No Tory or Brexit party support for LGBT+ Manifesto

Green Party leads the way with support for the LGBT+ community, with the most party candidates signed up to LGBT+ Manifesto.

‘Old boy’s network’ leaves BAME workers 92% less likely to land boardroom job

BAME employees face routine discrimination by an “institutionally racist old boy’s network”, claims a new study by Anuranjita Kumar.

Eliminating ads with gender stereotypes – a move towards gender equality

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned all ads with gender stereotypes with hopes to promote gender equality and diversity, as well as, get rid of the inaccurate stereotypes that surface because of the media.

The rise of presenteeism and its impact in the workplace

Lucinda Pullinger, Global Head of HR at Instant Offices, explores the rise and impact of presenteeism in the modern workplace