F5 joins Stonewall Global Diversity Champions Programme

Company’s latest pledge to drive LGBTQ+ inclusion driven by UK & Ireland branch of F5’s Pride Employee Inclusion Group

Aviva Investors: striving to tackle racial inequality in the investment industry

Marte Borhaug, Global Head of Sustainable Outcomes at Aviva Investors, delves into the firm’s engagement strategy towards racial inequality

Research uncovers shortcomings in corporates’ attempts to improve diversity

Actively listening to employees, followed by action, is the most effective driver of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workforce, says Josh Bersin

Pandemic highlights the need for a more inclusive leader

Rockwell Automation knows too well the value of an inclusive leader during a pandemic, uncertain and unprecedented times

Skillsoft launches new DEI Leadercamps to help challenge systemic bias

Renowned diversity coaches to lead two free, interactive online diversity, equity and inclusion Leadercamps

A practical guide to diversity and inclusion in startups

How to do diversity and inclusion for startups the right way? Here is what Perrine Farque at Inspired Humans had to say…

CEOs’ pay overtakes average worker’s entire 2020 pay in just three days

Annual ‘High Pay Day’ figures published with warning to employers not to treat new CEO pay reporting requirements as a tick-box exercise.

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DiversityQ reflects on the most popular diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace articles, with its readers in 2019.

49% of staff believe they are a victim of unfair pay, says CIPD report

Keeping staff in the dark about salaries feeds the perception of unfair pay, new research from the CIPD finds.