#BiasCorrect returns in support of International Women’s Day

Catalyst’s 2020 #BiasCorrect campaign engages men and offers multiple languages in Slack plugin and other tools.

Darktrace CEO, Poppy Gustafsson on achieving #BalanceforBetter

Helen Wollaston, CEO of WISE, sat down with Poppy Gustafsson, Darktrace CEO, to get her insights on diversity in the tech industry.

Paysafe female leaders: stand out, be tenacious and go for what you want

Paysafe’s female leaders around the world have earned high recognition for their inspiring leadership and focus on diversity and inclusion.

IWD: Catalyst launches #BiasCorrect campaign to tackle unconscious gender bias in the workplace

Catalyst is marking IWD by launching #BiasCorrect campaign to tackle gender equality issues in the workplace: unconscious gender bias.

HSBC strikes a balance for better on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day – Why Balance is Better

International Women’s Day is a call-to-action for gender equality across the globe. The focus for this year is #balanceforbetter