Department for International Trade in top 10 inclusive government bodies

The Department for International Trade is in the top 10 government bodies for LGBT staff for the first time.

  • Department for International Trade moves up 269 places in workplace equality ranking
  • Department for International Trade now in Government top 10 for inclusivity
  • Civil Service aims to become the UK’s most inclusive employer by 2020

The Stonewall Workplace Equality Index ranks organisations on inclusivity and equality in the workplace. The Department has moved up 269 places in just two years, now ranking at 101.

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Minister for Investment, Graham Stuart MP, said: “Our significantly improved ranking in Stonewall’s index reflects our department’s commitment to encourage greater diversity and promote a more inclusive working environment.

“I am extremely proud of this achievement and grateful for all the work that our LGBT+ network does to support staff at DIT.”

Darren Towers, Stonewall’s Executive Director, said: “LGBT-inclusive employers play a crucial role in changing society by using their power and influence to protect and support LGBT people.

With so many institutions displaying such a strong commitment to LGBT equality, we are one step closer to creating a world where all lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees are welcomed and accepted without exception.”

Antonia Romeo, DIT Permanent Secretary, said: “Equality and diversity are values that remain at the heart of all we do so I am delighted that DIT has increased 269 places in the Stonewall index in just two years. This is a fantastic achievement and a real testament to the work of DITs LGBT+ network, and the commitment of all DIT colleagues.

“Inclusive workplaces are more productive. At DIT we continually work to ensure that all colleagues are treated with the respect that they deserve, to enable them to bring their whole selves to work and reach their full potential.”

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