Almost half of female tech professionals are experiencing burnout

Latest survey of cloud tech professionals reveals 46% of women are experiencing burnout

A new survey conducted by Mason Frank International has revealed the alarming rate at which burnout affects female tech professionals in cloud tech roles.

This issue cannot be ignored, especially considering the already low representation of female tech professionals. Burnout can significantly impact a person’s physical and mental health, leading to a decrease in productivity, which can, in turn, harm a company’s bottom line.

The fact that almost half of the female tech professionals surveyed have experienced burnout in the last year is cause for concern. It shows that the tech industry needs to prioritise creating a work culture that values employee wellbeing and mental health. Employees need to feel supported and comfortable enough to communicate openly with their colleagues and supervisors without fearing stigma.

Of major concern

Mason Frank’s President, Zoë Morris, said: “Burnout really became an undeniable major subject last year, and it continues to be something we have to address for tech workers in all industries.

“Burnout is bad for any business, of course, with its impact on productivity, but it’s more fundamentally a question of culture, care, and wellbeing. Seeing that 46% of female tech professionals have experienced burnout in the last year should give us all cause for concern. I suspect the 7% who selected ‘not sure’ may have also experienced some degree of burnout. 

“The respondents who chose to share the impact burnout has had on them detailed outcomes that ranged from poor project results and having to take sick leave to leaving their company entirely and further health complications.

Addressing workplace cultures

“Of those who discussed overcoming burnout, many noted the importance of reasonable workloads and well-resourced teams, as well as being able to speak openly with colleagues and supervisors.” 

Companies must ensure that workloads are manageable and reasonable and employees are not overworked. They need to cultivate an environment that encourages communication and supports employee needs, especially regarding mental health and wellbeing.

The survey results also highlight the need to address the gender gap in tech. Women already face barriers to entry and advancement in tech, and the added pressure of burnout only exacerbates the issue.

Wake up call

Burnout is a physical, psychological, and emotional experience that has become increasingly prevalent in recent years and better understood. Burnout is marked by the three key dimensions of chronic exhaustion, chronic cynicism, and inefficacyTech news and culture sites alike have referred to the current widespread experience of burnout as a full-blown crisis

The survey conducted by Mason Frank International serves as a wake-up call for the tech industry. Burnout is a real and pressing issue that needs to be addressed urgently. Creating a work culture that values employee wellbeing, mental health, and work-life balance is essential for the industry’s future success.

Survey Results

Following up on an investigation into burnout amongst Salesforce professionals published last year, Mason Frank International, a Tenth Revolution Group company, has gathered new data on burnout, specifically amongst women in cloud tech roles across the spectrum of ecosystems. 

Have you experienced burnout in your current role in the last twelve months? 

I’m not sure7%

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