AIC brings diversity to investment company boards

The Association of Investment Companies continues its mission to diversify investment boards with the launch of a new online tool

The Association of Investment Companies’ (AIC) new online resource Pathway will provide candidates from non-traditional backgrounds with resources to become a director at an investment company, diversifying the candidate pool for the industry’s boards.

Pathway provides a range of helpful tools for potential candidates, including guides on how investment companies work, what directors do, and how new directors are recruited. The website also includes stories from current directors and advice from the AIC’s Chair, Rachel Beagles, as well as tips from head-hunters on how to find roles, design a CV and prepare for interviews.

The investment industry must start to look beyond backgrounds in finance says Beagles: “We have launched Pathway to help the investment company industry attract a diverse range of talented new directors.

“Investment companies are not just interested in traditional competences like asset management or accountancy. They’re also looking for marketing skills, distribution experience and high-level business expertise, as well as more specialist knowledge of industries or sectors.

“I’ve found being an investment company director a hugely rewarding experience, and I would encourage more candidates to consider it by visiting our new website, Pathway.”

Pathway will attract the perfect candidates for the role says Ian Sayers, Chief Executive of the AIC: “We wanted Pathway to provide a one-stop-shop for prospective board candidates to find out more about being a director of an investment company. Pathway offers information on investment companies and advice on how to get a directorship, as well as personal stories that bring to life what it’s like being a director.

“Independent boards who look after shareholders’ interests are a key benefit of the investment company structure, so attracting the right people is vital. We hope Pathway will help people who may not have considered being an investment company director to become part of the industry.”

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