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Getty Images brings Black history to help storytellers

Black History & Culture Collection gives access to imagery of the past

Getty Images’ tool to aid in inclusive visual storytelling

The new tool will help businesses of all sizes make creative decisions that will appeal to diverse audiences

Getty Images and UK Black Pride partner on LGBT+ celebration

Getty Images will further media exposure of UK Black Pride’s ‘Love and Rage’ event

GLAAD and Getty Images release guidebook on making LGBT+ visuals inclusive and authentic

The guidebook is designed to help businesses create visuals that better represent LGBT+ people

Getty Images plays role in decolonising access to black culture

A media business built by a wealthy family dynasty is embarking on a project that will see the release of thousands of its privately held images to Black storytellers

BBC and Getty Images team up to help diversify media

Photographers across the UK are being given access to funding to help them diversify media for children and and families

New campaign combats visual stereotypes of the autistic community

Hiki and Getty Images pave the way for a more inclusive and accurate portrayal of the autistic community

New campaign boosts female representation in media and advertising

Natwest and Getty images’ #BeTheRoleModel campaign celebrates the success of female small business owners from industries across the UK

#ShowUs grant seeks women, female-identifying and non-binary photographers

Getty Images, Dove and Girlgaze open the doors to a new visual landscape for women, female-identifying and non-binary creators

Why UK businesses must close the ‘disability representation gap’

More can be done to close the ‘disability representation gap’ in corporate visual communications and advertising. Dr Rebecca Swift, Senior Director of Creative Insights at Getty Images, explains how.